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  2. How to set up the Facebook log-in
  4. How to link multiple business with one printer?
  5. Is your POS App sold seperately, or it is attached with your subscription?
  6. How to upload all the restaurants details via CSV file?
  7. How to activate the "Reward Loyalty" module/Point settings?
  8. How to remove the "delivery" drop down?
  9. How to install the Crazy Egg into the system?
  10. How to install the Olark Live Chat into the system?
  11. How to install Live chat on the system?
  12. How to delete OOS cookies?
  13. How to create a second phone number for business?
  14. How to clean up cache on Printer File Path?
  15. How to change the path of the tutorial link?
  16. How to install the Android and IOS apps?
  17. How to change the order email template?
  18. How to install the "Live Chat" into the system?
  19. How to do settings with our POS Apps with the road map.
  20. How to put the apps link in the admin panel?
  21. Is it possible to add another "Order status with Pickup "Option???
  22. How to remove the map from the homepage.????
  23. How to make a restaurant open and close twice a day??
  24. How to set the commission for individual business??
  25. From where can i able to put the link for" suggest a shop" and " contact us".Please check the image.
  26. How to hide the optional filters option from the homepage search box option.
  27. At what situation the bit tone will NOT continue beep,for " Android POS "app??
  28. At what situation the bit tone will continue beep, for "Android POS" app??
  29. Is it possible to make the language change based on their IP address?
  30. If I pay more and buy the full license, will I get everything which includes all custom work?
  31. Is it possible for the restaurant to have a log in and password to their own admin panel to update their own menu and prices, whatever they want?
  32. How to update the menu and pricing for the products by login to the respective account?
  33. How to customize or edit any type design relates issues for the system?
  34. How to restore default or backup database to current system for practice?
  35. How to make the order emails to send it separately to the admin, business and the user?
  36. How to remove all the maps from the website?
  37. How to create "Reward Loyalty" system?
  38. How to create "Reward Loyalty Module?
  39. How to install and do work with our POS ?
  40. How the restaurants gets the money?
  41. How to set the "Google Analytic s" for the site?
  42. How to subscribe an email on the front end footer section?
  43. How to change a word after language has been created?
  44. What to do when unsuccessful cards payments are done ?
  45. what programming languages are used with oos?
  46. How to create a clone of the existing restaurant/business for the system?
  47. Start up guide for the new users....
  48. How to activate images on menu?
  49. How to edit the Face book social plug-in and App link?
  50. How “Manage Reviews” works?
  51. What is review settings and how it works in respect to a particular business?
  52. How to develop a new Payment gateway into the system?
  53. How to get the “contact us”, “about us” options in the footer section of the front-end?
  54. How to create a business user so that he can log-in to his business separately?
  55. Bringg integration - Configuration and Tutorial
  56. How to change the top margin of the banner?
  57. How to setup the front page image and text of the mobile site?
  58. How to generate product option?
  59. From where can a printer model be set for any business?
  60. How to change the price format that appears in the orders for the admin panel?
  61. Where can a super admin see in the admin panel the commission generated for completed orders?
  62. How to modify the invoice according to the need?
  63. How to get the personalized App – with the individual’s logo etc. - so that he/she can upload it to the apple store and Google play, and have customers to download the individuals personalized app?
  64. How to make the second address option “not required” to “blank” for the customer from the payment details form?
  65. Is there any process of getting notification alert when the customers put a wrong credit card??
  66. How to add the restaurant menu page into an existing website (extern website?)
  67. How to check the payment details for any order?
  68. How to do invoicing settings for a particular business?
  69. How to change the currency for every language in this system?
  70. How to create a manual invoice for a particular order?
  71. How to do Driver Manager for this system?
  72. How to do settings on GPRS/SMS Printers?
  73. How to do settings in facebook fan page?
  74. How do worldwide sign up settings work?
  75. How do PayPal adaptive works?
  76. How to set a particular restaurant to be closed?
  77. How the site schedule time works?
  78. How to do work in filezilla in order to make changes for the text in your system?
  79. How to download filezilla?
  80. How to change the language in the frontend & in the backend?
  81. How to change Currency?
  82. How to add a new language ?