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  1. 1.- How to create a business - Step 1 - Video
  2. 2.- How to create a business - Step 2 - Delivery with polygons - Video
  3. What is review settings and how it works in respect to a particular business?
  4. 6.- How to create product options - Step 4 - Video
  5. 7.- How to create a product - Step 5 - Video
  6. 8.- How to create a menu and schedule - Step 6
  7. 9.- How to upload an image for your tab "info" of your business page - Step 7 - Video
  8. 10.- How to upload a video to your info tab of your business page - Step 7 - Video
  9. 11.- How to set-up the Email notifications for orders - Step 8 - Video
  10. 12.- How to set up the SMS notifications for business owner - Step 8 - Video
  11. How to create restaurant business info?
  12. How to create delivery for the restaurant?
  13. How to create business categories
  14. How to create a product option for a restaurant/business?
  15. How to create products for a restaurant?
  16. How to create menu & schedule for a restaurant?
  17. How to create Image, video & more for a particular restaurant?
  18. How to create business notification and payment option?
  19. How to create reservation for a business?
  20. How to create SEO & Business info. For a restaurant?
  21. How to manage apps settings for the site?
  22. What does special enterprise setting does?
  23. Start up guide for the new users....
  24. How to create invoice for a restaurant?
  25. How to manage the discount code for the business?
  26. How to create automatic discount for the business?
  27. How “Manage Reviews” works?
  28. How to create cities for the business?
  29. How to create users for the business?
  30. How to create the driver option for a business?
  31. How to create multi delivery zone for the business?
  32. How to create delivery zone by area & neignbourhood for the business?
  33. What does the financial statistics option do for a business?
  34. What does the search statistics option do for a business?
  35. How to create the CMS page for the site?
  36. How to change the language in the frontend & in the backend?
  37. How to manage widget for the business?
  38. How to do site settings for a business?
  39. How to manage panel settings for the business?
  40. How to do the payment getaway settings for the business?
  41. How to do template settings for a business?
  42. How to create area and neighborhood for the business?
  43. How to manage countries for the business?
  44. How to set up the sound notification settings for the business?
  45. How to create request collection option for a business?
  46. How to create my business manager?
  47. How to check my booking details?
  48. How to check My Bookings?
  49. How to check order details?
  50. How to do order’s manager?
  51. Facebook share image for the Addthis bar - How to
  52. How to change your logo - New admin panel
  53. Reservation module - How it works
  54. Custom Slug (Direct URL) for each business
  55. Change button of tutorials in new admin panel
  56. How to change the search box of the homepage
  57. How to add more countries
  58. More Help :)