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Section 01 Business Main page functionality

How it works? Introduction

The business page is where all the business information, online ordering and reservation happens.


The main functionality is allow the user to see the business catalog /menu and order online.


It also has a lot of filters and information from the businesses that is shown to your users.


The order now button appears when the restaurant minimum purchase is met, if not it shows the min order required in order to checkout.






How to's? And functionality

  • If the business is open: Then the menu tab is displayed by default.

Machine generated alternative text: Ordering Online System  Place Order  INFO  Search here  COFFEE  eo  Mobile I O Need Help  Make Payment  REVIEWS (3)  TRACK ORDER  SUPER OOS  Select Location  i'm lovin' it  MCDONALDS  See Review  160 BROADWAY - NEW YORK  CITY  We Accept : PayPal  opening Time : 00:00 - 23:00  V ADD TO FAVORITES  Pickup Restaurant  MENU  Select Categories  Get Delivered  OFFERS (1)  You have O items  $ 4.00  $ 0.00  s 3.00  $ 11.00  Pending  $0.00  $0.00  Delivery  Fee:  Service Fee  (0.25%)  Total :  MCCAFE ICED COFFEE  MCCAFE ICED MOCHA  SIDEDISHES  WORLD FAMOUS FRIES  WRAPS  MCWRAP SOUTHWEST (GRILLED)  Preorder delivery time  SET TIME?  MIN ORDER: $2  BACK  PREMIUM MCWRAP CHICKEN & BACON (CRISPY)



  • If the business is closed: Then the PreOrder popup is displayed by default,

Machine generated alternative text: Ordering Online System  This demo will be reseted in  eo  Mobile I O Need Help  TRACK ORDER  Select Location  Pickup Restaurant  MENU OPEN TIME.  Place Order  Make Payment  Get Delivered  O  Standard Menu (00:00 AM-11 PM)  IEvery day)


  • If the business is disabled by admin: Then shows the message Restaurant is disabled by admin.

Machine generated alternative text: AA oseald 'u.wpe Aq polqes!p s! vue•nusou  :sKes  le a6ed aux


Machine generated alternative text:






When clicking on the facebook share button our share button functionality automatically takes the business logo, business name, address and description and it allows you to publish with a comment directly on your facebook timeline. Also allows to access directly to the business when clicking the facebook publication url or business logo.

Example screenshot

Machine generated alternative text: Facebook  B  Share on Facebook  On your own Timeline  Say something about this...  McDonalds-160 Broadway,New York City-New York-  This is a demo restaurant for McDonalds in new york  OFFERS (1)  ve O items  Pending  USDO.OO  USDO.OO  i'm lovin'  MCDONALDS  See R  160 BROADWAY - NEW  CITY  We Accept : PayPal  opening Time : 00:00 - 23:00  Cancel  Share Link  (0.25%)  Total :  BETA.ORDERINGONLINESYSTEM.COM  Friends  USD 4.00  i'm lovin' it'  MCCAFE ICED COFFEE  V ADD TO FAVORITES  Preorder delivery time  SET TIME?





When publishing with twitter our system also takes the business url, business name and address.

Example screenshot:


Machine generated alternative text: Wie  YO  Share a link on Twitter  Twitter, Inc. (USI https://twitter.comhntenUtweet?textzMcDonalds-160+Broad...  Sign up  Share a link with your followers  McDonalds-160 Broadway, New York City-New York-•Ätter  Phone, email or username  Password  Remember me • Forgot password?  New to Twitter?  71  Log In and Tweet  Deli'  Fee:  ser'  (0.2  Sign up  Tote  Preo  Get instant updates from ywr friends, iMustry experts, favorite  celebritiæ, and what's happe•lhg around tie world.  What is Twitter? Learn more.


To send by email it allows to send the email directly from your website

Example screenshot:

Machine generated alternative text: Email  From:  Subject:  n Remember me  Send Email  McDonalds-160 Broadway,New York CitFNew York-  URL:  Send this email with different services: a  O AddThis





  • The user is allowed to copy the url to display this particular business, that means that the user can share the url by copying it, this is great for sharing search results with friends or co workers for example.




Additional Developer tips



Upcoming Features

  • New filters are coming.
  • Template configuration, additional templates and structures.



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