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Section 04 Business Menu


How it works? Introduction

This is where all the magic happens, our best feature is online ordering, the user can browse the products from the business and add the product including product option selection.


How to's? And functionality


Left Bar - Information Box

Machine generated alternative text: PIZZAHUT  See Review  GRANDSTREET 18 - NEW YORK  We Accept :  opening Time : 12:00 AM - 11:00 PM  V ADD TO FAVORITES


      • Business Name: Configured on the business.
      • Star Reviews and link to Reviews tab: Shows the average of the reviews with stars.
      • Business address: Configured on the business.
      • Accepted payment gateways: Configured on the business.
      • Opening time of the day: Configured on the business.
      • Add to favorites button: Add to favorites button shows only if the site header is enabled, after clicked it when the user is not logged in then it displays the login box.
      • Ads space: The ads configured on the super admin panel are displayed in here.



Center Content - Business catalog or restaurant menu


      • Filters bar

Machine generated alternative text: Select Categories  Search here

      • Filter by categories: Immediately filters and only shows the products from the selected category.
      • Search: Filters, product and category filter, immediate product search filter. Product name, category name.
      • Catalog / Menu box - Show all categories and products.

Machine generated alternative text: BEVER  Add to cart  Product  COKE 350 ML  Name  PEPSI 350 ML  Category  name  PIZZA  PIZZA BUILDER  Add to cart to activate the pizza builder  button  Price of  product  $ 3.00  Description  .00


      • Category Name: Products are grouped by categories. Organized by rank on Premium Panel. On the Standard Panel (Open Source version) it displays the categories by A-Z by default.
      • Product Name: When clicked it also adds the product to cart, or shows product options, same functionality as add to cart button. When mouse over it shows the picture or pictures configured for that product. Products are Organized A-Z by default.

Machine generated alternative text: McCafé Iced Coffee  MCCAFE ICED COFFEE

      • Product Description: It shows only if the product has description
      • Add to cart button: Ads product to cart, and if the product has product options the system launches the product options popup.
      • Price: Shows the product price, our amazing system also allows to configure free products, and even free products but with product options and the price configured on the product options. Currency setup can be done on the super admin panel options.


Machine generated alternative text: You have 3 items  MCCAFE ICED  COFFEE X 1  PLEASE CHOOSE THE  SIZE:  Big $3.00  WORLD FAMOUS  FRIES x 2  PLEASE CHOOSE THE  $7.00 0  $8.00 0  0.00  SIZE:  small * $1.00  Delivery  Fee:  Service Fee  (0.25%)  Tax:  Total :  $0.04  $1.50  $15.04  Preorder delivery time  SET TIME?  ORDER NOW  BACK

      • On top header of the cart displays the number of products added to cart.
      • Product name and quantity: Shows the product and also the quantity selected. There is a reason why it does not add the same product on the same product already added to cart. On the next checkout step customers are allowed to input notes by product, for example, for who is this product.)
      • Selected product options: Shows the selected product options for that particular product, if clicked it allows you to edit the selected product options.
      • Products scroll bar: It automatically shows the scroll bar when more products are added.
      • Buttons to add or delete quantity or product.
      • Discounts: If there are configured discounts for that restaurant or business and the conditions are met, example minimum order then the discounts appear on the cart.
      • Delivery Fee: If any, it displays how much will the user pay for the delivery to his address.
      • Service Fee: if any, it can be configured on the super admin panel. This allows you to charge any fee to the users if desired. If not no problem you can setup 0 as service fee.
      • Tax: If any, the tax can be configured on the super admin panel on the cities section. There are 2 different ways to setup the tax. Tax already included in price or tax added to the products price.
      • Total: It displays the sum of all the products, delivery fee, - discounts, service fee tax.
      • Preorder Delivery Time: It allows to show the preorder popup more information about this on
      • Min order / Order Now button: When there is a min order required configured on the business configuration it shows the min order button. The min order button is based only on the product sum, it doesn't include the tax, delivery fee or service fee.

Machine generated alternative text: MIN ORDER: $2

And when the minimum is met then it automatically changes the button to the order now button, this button allows you to proceed with the checkout.

Machine generated alternative text: ORDER NOW

      • Back button: If you click this button it takes you back to the select business step.




Other Functionality


      • Select address popup: After adding a product to the cart, if the system has not yet the user address then it is displayed the select your address popup.
      • Product Options Popup: If the product has product options then our system displays the product options popup. Product options are configured on the backend, we allow any kind of combination for your menu.

Machine generated alternative text: PLEASE SELECT YOUR OPTIONS  PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SIZE (REQUIRED)  o  Medium  o  Small  Special Instruction  Add Special Instruction  $4.00  o  Big  $3.00  Quantity : I  ADD TO CART  $5.00

      • Ingredients: If you have configured ingredients on the product the product options box displays the ingredients selected by default, this allows the user to unselect any ingredient they don't want, for example unselect onion.

Machine generated alternative text: INGREDIENTS  cheese  tomato sauce

      • Product Options:
        • Required: There are some product options that are required for certain products, for example type of bread, on this example the type of bread is required and it only allows you to select 1 because you can't select 2 different breads for the same pizza.

Machine generated alternative text: PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR BREAD (REQUIRED)  $0.00  $0.00  $0.00  o  Pan pizza  o  Original stuffed crust  o  Hand tossed Pizza  $0.00  $0.00  $0.00  o  o  o  Thin N Crispy  Bacon cheese stuffed  crust  Skinny slice pizza

This is very useful to configure for example size of the product also.

Machine generated alternative text: PLEASE SELECT YOUR OPTIONS  PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SIZE (REQUIRED)  o  Medium  o  Small  Special Instruction  Add Special Instruction  $4.00  o  Big  $3.00  Quantity : I  ADD TO CART  $5.00

      • Optional Product options: You can setup optional options for example extra cheese, yes or no…
      • Radio button: As the previous example the radio button allows to select only 1 option at a time.
      • Checkboxes: Our system allows you also to select more than 1 option, this is very useful on additional ingredients options for example. You can even configure on the admin panel if this option allows to select for example minimum 1 additional ingredient and a maximum of 3 ingredients, or you can also allow any number of ingredientes selected.

Machine generated alternative text: CHOOSE YOUR INGREDIENTS: (REQUIRED)  $3.00  $0.00  $0.00  $2.00  $0.00  $4.00  $0.00  $0.00  Sweet Pineapple  a Beef  Fresh mussrooms  Classic meatball  Hardwood smoked  bacon  Premium Salami  Fresh spinach  Sliced Jalapeno  Red Onions  $0.00  $0.00  $0.00  $0.00  $0.00  $5.00  $0.00  $0.00  $0.00  Grilled chicken  Peruvian cherry  peppers  Pepperoni  Slow-roasted  salami  Italian Sausage  Season Pork  Sliced banana  peppers  Roma Tomatoes

      • Conditionals: Our product options allow to create conditionals, for example do you want to add a combo? If yes is selected then shows the additional product options to select, for example soda flavor.
      • Special Instructions: Allows to add any additional notes to the product, for example if you are ordering on a group you can specify who is this for.
      • Quantity: You can specify if you want more than 1 product with this same options directly on the product options popup.
      • Add to cart button: finally ads the product to the cart.


      • Floating Cart and info

Floating bar - The only thing that scrolls are the products, that way is better user experience. The information left box, filters and cart remain static at all the time.


Machine generated alternative text: STARBUCKS  Select Categories  See Review  GRANDSTREET 19 - NEW YORK  We Accept :  EGG SALAD SANDWICH  opening Time : 00:00 - 23:00  V ADD TO FAVORITES  TURKEY PESTO PANINI  Search here  s 7.00  s 8.00  s 8.00  You have O items  Delivery  Fee:  Service Fee  (0.25%)  Total :  Pending  $0.00  $0.00  Preorder delivery time  SET TIME?  ORDER NOW  BACK  COFFEE  BLONDE ROAST  s 4.00  COFFEE MISTO  s 3.00  COFFEE TRAVELER  s 9.00  ICED COFFEE  s 5.00  SALADS  GREEN CEASER SALAD BOWL  $ 11.00




Additional Developer tips




Coming soon

      • Min order configurable also
        • For Catalogs.
        • For Delivery zones.
      • Different way to show menu
        • Images and box
        • Menu like
        • List (default current)
      • Enable disable sections
        • Info box
        • Service fee etc
      • Search functionality
        • search inside product description
        • Search inside product options coming soon
        • Search from ingredients of product
      • When preordering, show preorder button instead of order now button
      • Select delivery or pickup on cart
      • Products
        • Organized A-Z by default
        • Organize by rank