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Section 04 Filters bar

How it works? Introduction

The filters allow to show only the restaurants or businesses that match the filter criteria.

 Filter for delivery by address, pickup or reservation


How to's? And functionality

      • Select option: When accesing for example directly to the city , the user hasn't input yet if he wants delivery, pickup or reservation right? This is an option for the user to apply a new filter, to show for example, only the businesses that deliver to his address.

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      • If delivery is selected the system shows a new screen to allow the user input his location.

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      • If pickup is selected it basically stays the same, because it already is showing all the restaurants from that particular city.
      • If reservation is selected it displays the popup to allow specific to filter the businesses by availability. Allowing the user to select, number of guests, day and time of your desired reservation. After this the business listing will show available businesses from this filter.
      • Filter: Super fast automatic ajax search functionality, it includes the search of the words on any part of the name of the business and / or category, the search works so quickly as the user starts typing. Example video

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Additional Developer tips




Upcoming Features

    • Even more filters.
    • Food search inside restaurants
    • Allow to enable / disable filters from backend.