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How do PayPal adaptive works?

Answer: In order to setup a PayPal adaptive the site owner have  to do certain settings in the admin panel in order to get his profit percentage as commission from the customers, who are giving certain money for his orders and rest to the business or restaurant owners automatically.

Note: The application owner must have a PayPal Business account. Senders and receivers can have any PayPal account type. Senders and receivers are not required to have PayPal accounts initially. PayPal prompts a sender to create an account before a payment can be completed. A receiver must create an account to receive the funds after the payment completes.





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This PayPal adaptive can also be set for the business or restaurant owners also…if it is not active in the part of site owner….over there it also works same…it receives the amount on behalf for the restaurant owners and while setting a particular commission percentages it separates automatically..And sends the amount on each individuals account.






NOTE: If the city tax or commission you choose in both the cases, the city tax will be deducted from the total amount first and  then with the rest of the amount left, its then splits according to the commission  percentage set within the site owner and the restaurant owner.


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