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How to do settings on GPRS/SMS Printers?

Answer: If an individual wants to set the GPRS/SMS Printer he/she have to configure this in order to get his/her orders from the desktop version, mobile web version, iOS and Android App sent to your printer. The printer will be able to accept or reject the order. Introducing estimated time of delivery and reason of rejection is also possible, everything gets update to the user.

For the settings an individual have to go to the admin panel after login, then to the business option, and from the business option he/she has to select the dashboard, where all the created business is being shown. In order to set the GPRS/SMS Printers for each and every business you have created, first you need to select a particular business by clicking on "Edit" option…And then select the notification & payment option, over there you will get the GPRS/SMS Printers settings option, and in there you have to do the following settings as mentioned below:

1)PORT: After creating a business, the system will show/auto update the related port for that business.

2) SERVER IP: The server IP will be auto-updated by the system as per the new business.

3) PRINTER FILE PATH: System will auto update your printer file path as per your business. 

4) CONFIRMATION FILE PATH: System will auto update your confirmation file path as per your business. 

5) SET PRINTER MODEL: You have to select the printer model from the drop down option.

After doing this you have to submit/save it. Also you need to do the same thing for all of your created business in order to get the facility of this service.


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