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How to install the Crazy Egg into the system?

Answer: In order to install the "Crazy Egg' Into the system the individual has to do the necessary settings for that in the admin panel.


The followings are the instructions to install the live chat to the system:

1.Please, login to the admin panel first.

2.Then select the "Settings" Option.

3. Then please select the "Apps" option under settings.

4.Then you will find a page appears, over there you have to scroll the page and can see the "Marketing" option.

5.Under that option, you will find the "Crazy Egg" option, And below that option you can see a tab where its written "Create your account here", Please select that button to get your live chat account.

6.Once you have an account, you will have a "widget" code.

7.Then you just need to copy and past that in your Settings, Settings -> Apps -> Crazy Egg and then click on "Create account"

8. Then the process will be completed.


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