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How to link multiple business with one printer?

Answer: In order to connect multiple business with one single printer, you need to do certain settings for that in the admin panel, the required settings are as followes:



1.Login to your admin panel.

2. Go to 'Settings" option.

3. Select " Force Printer Path Settings".

4.Then you will see a page appears, over there you have to select " Add" option from there.

5. Then you will find a page appears called " Create Printer Pathe Settings"

6. Under "Business" Please selct the required buisness you want to add in order to make them work with only one printer.

7. Then under "Printer Path" please select the required path that you will be using for each business that you have selected.

8. Then after doing all above then please select the "Create" option to create the settings.

9. Then its all completed.

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