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How to set general opening times?

How it works? Introduction.

It works when a restaurant sets a menu list for any respective day i.e for Monday pizza and cold drinks like this, and also by its opening and closing time for the restaurant ,by this it would be easier for the customer to palace order, it also have the options for the pickup or deliver, with its delivery opening time and closing time, and with all the menu list.

Menu and schedule for a restaurant helps providing its customers with its products services day wise with different varieties of products in the menu each and every day, so that on each and every day the customer can get different variety of food products, and it also makes easier for the restaurant to provide delivery of a particular type of products each day hastel free and on restaurants party if helps the restaurant to try any new product menu to gets its popularity within its coustomers.It also shows the shop opening and closing time.

How to’s? Functionality.

Go to the admin panel, select my business from the dashboard section, select a business or click on to add option, then co to point no 6. Menu & schedule, click on to that option you will find a page appears, then click on to add option to create a menu list or you can select edit or delete option in order to change the menu list or to delete it if required. The proper settings are as follows:

On the first option you have to give the name of the category under which you will be setting the menu then you have to type the day for the menue,then you have to select the delivery or the pickup you want to give for that particular day, then delivery start time and end time you have to choose from the drop down option, then you have to give the products for the catagorys,then you have to leave a comment for that particular category of menue,after all this done then select on to create to save it, Then the schedule for the restaurant comes over there you have to set the restaurant opening and closing time for each days if you think that you will be open for the whole week days, or you can make 00 timing for the open and closed are in order to set a closed day. then save it.


Its functionality is to provide the customer with different food items on each and every day, by setting its different menu for each day, by this customer gets to eat a variety of food items each day from a particular resturent,by availing a delivery services also. Apart from this it also shows the restaurant opening and closing time for each days…a filter option is also there in this section in order to search anything through filteration,in order to get access easily.