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How to setup the reservations settings?

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How to configure the reservation options?

  1. Please click on "Business"
  2. Click on tab "Reservations"
  3. Check screenshot:
  4. Done

How it works? Introduction.

It works when a customer palaces an order from a particular reservation, in order to book any table or room at certain point of time in order to avail its facilities later on.



Reservation is an important part for the customer in order to avail facilities later on from that particular resturent,it is being done on some special occasions when there is any engagement or any type of parties to be held. It provides vary good facility to the customer.


How to’s? Functionality.

Go to the admin panel and then go to my business then select on the restaurant then after selecting you will find  a page appears, from where you have to select point no 9 which is reservation, then click on to it, there  you will find another page appears where you have give the necessary items which includes name of the restaurant that you want to create the reservation option for, then name of the day you will put the reservation system on, the you have to put the days first opening and closing time and then the day’s second opening and closing time, it acts like a shift for the reservation in a particular day, and then you have to select the type for the reservation, total no of guests you want to put at a time, then you have set a time for the duration of that reservation. Then click on to create option to create reservation.

There is also another option for setting the price/fee for the table and room that settings you will find at the top bar, when you select point no 9 on the price setting option.

By this all the settings for reservation can be done.

 Its main functionality is to reserve a table, room for a particular date and time for the coustomers, in order to get the facility of the restaurant on that particular date booked without any delay or facing any type of problems.