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Menu upload service (Optional service if you want)

Lots of the customers have asked us for this service because almost everyone knows that uploading menus takes a lot of time and we personally think you should concentrate on growing your business while we provide the perfect environment and services for you.

 "...we can upload the menus directly into your platform, you just to provide us the material..."


How does it work’s actually?

Answer:You just have to send your menu as image, pdf, word or excel and we will take care of the rest.



And about the “More information”…


Answer: In today’s world, food business is rapidly growing across the world. As a result of which, data entry of restaurant menus is gaining momentum. By accuracy of data entry of restaurant menus, hotel and restaurant owners can gain desired popularity of their various products like dishes, cuisines, delicacies including drinks and beverages.


It also helps them in organizing their menus proficiently. Data entry of restaurant menus is required when restaurant owner plans to grow the business.


Outsourcing data entry of restaurant menus is a practicable solution for processing of menus in quick turnaround without wasting time and cost on entering menu data.


OrderingOnlineSystem” is a primary data entry service provider company offering cost-effective restaurant menu data entry outsourcing services including other outsourcing, IT Solutions and staffing solutions company based in USA and Germany.” is skilled in restaurant menu data entry with their extensive experience in this field.


We have a great and proven track record of providing quality restaurant menu data entry services.


Our restaurant menu data entry is available in various formats which include:

  • PDF
  • MS Word
  • Xml
  • Html
  • CDs

Our advanced restaurant menu data entry services are perfectly suited for restaurants of every type which also includes worldwide spread food chains. OrderingOnlineSystem Benefits:


  1. 1.   -Value added menus data entry services


  1. 2.   -Cost-effective prices


  1. 3.   -Reliable, safe and secure data entry within stipulated time


  1. 4.   -Experts to enter the data


  1. 5.   -Large volumes of data can be easily handled


  1. 6.   -Advanced IT infrastructure and system configuration


  1. 7.   -OrderingOnlineSystem is a renowned outsourcing service provider driven by quality and a wide array of data entry services at cost effective prices.




The Available Languages are as followes:


  • English
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Germany

Any many more…..




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We can also provide Manual order processing and changed old menu’s requested by Restaurant owners. We do provide daily and weekly reports of entered new and changed Menu’s.


Please contact “ “for anything you need.




If you want to hire us?


Then please write “and send us:


  • Your  menu
  • Your URL
  • Super admin pass

And we will send back to you a payment link so we can start with our work…


Have a nice day!