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My products are not showing

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How it works? Introduction.

It works when a restaurant owner or the super admin create some products under category and product option, it helps the customer to find it necessary product item under product, products may can be of various types depending on the restaurant which makes.

Products are the essential things a restaurant should have in order to run its business successfully online, without products a business cannot run properly, it helps the customer to find its required products under products with its with its various items.

How to’s? Functionality

Go the admin panel then dashboard of my business, then click on to the restaurant from there go to point no 5 products, click on it, then selecting add you can add a product for your resturent,or you can edit any product or delete also if required, so by clicking on add a page will appear which you have fill up the process are as follows:

First of all you have give the image links for your product, then the name of the product, then dishes or product option you have to give, description of the product have to give, ingredients which are to be used into the product are to be mentioned, and then you have select the category under which you will place this products, and at last you have to mention the product price, after all this things done select create to create it.

Its functionality is to generate various product items under a category name, which facilities a customer to find its products for ordering easily, it also helps a restaurant owner to show cast his product items to the online customers.