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Order-email template- How to change it?

Are you look for the exact way to change your system order email template,? Well, let me tell you, it's quite very easy to do that!

 Let's get into the steps, to make that change:

1.Login to your FTP, with the details provided in your installation email.
2.Go to the file path: root/panel/templates/order-email-template.php
Under " order-email-template.php ", you can make all of the necessary changes that you need to do in your order email, like for e.g. you can change your logo, colour of the email template, the size of the text and fonts, etc.
4. After you are done with all of your required settings; please save and check.
5.Now, you are done with all of the changes that you need for your order email template.

Again, to activate it in your system, you need to do one more settings in your admin panel, the steps are as follows:

1.Login to your admin panel.
2.Go to "SETTINGS" tab.
3.Then go to "APPS" option.
4.Scroll below the page and under "Communication" you'll find the option" Email Notifications."
5.Select the settings icon, and there you can see the option" ORDER_SUCCESS_EMAIL", please activate it, to receive emails after an order is placed.
6.Save it.Now, you're done with the complete setup.

Isn't that very easy? 

" We hope this article has answered your question, if not, please use our live chat so we can help you right away "

Lora S

(Sales & Support Agent)