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Answer: Its main functionality is that by registering with this site,a user can login a avail its facilities each time,from this perticular site.Once registered it does not requires the user to register again and again for this perticulat site.

About how it works?

Answer:When you click the Sign up button, the sign up popup appears to allow the user registration.Over there you need to fill all the details for the one ti,me registration for this site,so that the site recognise you when you login to this site ,each time..and helps you to directly locate your desire resturent or business...just keep in mind while registration you should provide all tha valid information of yours so that to minimise the troble you face with this site.

Machine generated alternative text: der•  CREATE ACCOUNT  Name *  Last name *  Password *  Colony *  Choose Country *  Land Phone  LOCATE ME  CIV'CCENTER S,  mbers Stc:)  LOGIN  LETS Gl  Report a m  Chambers StC)  Park PI  Terms Of use  Trade Centere CjWOrId Trade Center  WbkL5TRA DE  Report a map error  CENTER  9/11 Memorial  Preview Site  Middle name  Email *  Street *  Post Code *  City *  Mobile Phone *  CREATE


More information about the user registration and user login benefits on:



Answer:We even added a LOCATE ME button to help the user to register even faster, we connect to the improved google geolocation services that gets the information of the user location and fills the information automatically on the form.


Machine generated alternative text: CREATE ACCOUNT  Name *  Last name *  Password *  Colony *  Mexico  Land Phone  LOCATE ME  ad a'/Jpe  Mattinez_ nguille  sot-naga  Report@maperror_  Map dataC2•01S Google. INEGI  Middle name  Email *  Gonzaga  45030  Zapopan  Mobile Phone *  CREATE  use  Ion


Please check the link:-

Here is a quick example video:





Answer:This button is only showed if the user is not logged in to the site.


Machine generated alternative text: O  Ordering Online System  This demo will be reseted in  1633  Mobile I O Need Help  cocas  TRACK ORDER LOGIN  SIGN up


If the user is logged in the button disappears...and shows the below provided images.

Machine generated alternative text: O  Ordering Online System  This demo will be reseted in  1536  Mobile I O Need Help  cocas  TRACK ORDER  DEMO





Answer:If you have mailchimp configured then after a user signs up the system also takes the information and registers the user on the desired mailchimp list. You can setup welcome email on your mailchimp account if you want the user to receive an email after the sign up. More information about the configuration of mailchimp here:



    • There also we have this features installed in our system,please check:
  •          Answer:There is the super admin panel with a section to select               and customize the fields that show on the registration box. And             also the fields that are required.
  •           Sign up email and configuration from backend.
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