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Section 01 Main page functionality

How it works? Introduction

The listing page is where all the available businesses are shown depending on the search criteria from step 1. It has a lot of filters and information from the businesses that is shown to your users.


The main functionality of this page is that it shows the available businesses at that particular time of the day that the user access. Organizes the resultas by availability first, opened restaurants on top and closed restaurants on the bottom, and then by distance.


The order now button appears when the restaurant is opened, if not it shows the closed button and it has mouseover functionality showing at what time will the business opens.




How to's? And functionality

  • Delivery search: Shows the businesses that deliver to your location.
  • Pickup search: Shows all the businesses from the city, there is an option for the user to search pickup also by location, on this case the system shows the restaurants organized by distance, that means that shows the closest restaurants or businesses to your location first.
  • Reservation Search: Same as pickup, it allows to add your location and it filters the businesses by distance.There is actually a mid step between showing the businesses and the search from step 1. It allows you to filter the businesses by availability. Allowing you to select, number of guests, day and time of your desired reservation. After this the business listing will show available businesses from your filter.

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Additional Developer tips



Upcoming Features

  • New filters are coming.
  • Template configuration, additional templates and structures.



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