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Section 05 Aditional Filters Bar

How it works? Introduction

This bar displays some additional ways to filter the results, it currently has open / closed dropdown, express restaurants, and favorites when the user is logged in.

Machine generated alternative text: SELECT RESTAURANT  Opened Closed Restaurants  Express S KM



How to's? And functionality

      • Opened and Closed filters: The system by default shows the closed restaurants on the bottom, so the user doesn't get confused with the results that really matter at that time of the day, however, this filters allows the user to apply filters and show only opened restaurants or show only closed restaurants. The default selections is show both opened and closed restaurants.

Machine generated alternative text: SELECT RESTAURANT Opened & Closed Restaurants  Opened Restaurants  Closed Restaurants


      • Express 5km or 5 miles filter: This filter allows hungry users to filter results by showing the closest restaurants to that particular location. At a 5 km or 5 miles range depending on the backend configuration.

Machine generated alternative text: AY S ssudxa

How to change how to display KM or Miles on the system? Please check (panel v1)






      • Logged in users have one additional filter, this allows to show only the favorited restaurants or businesses on the user's account.

Machine generated alternative text: Opened Closed Restaurants  SELECT RESTAURANT  Express S KM Favorites


Additional Developer tips



Upcoming Features

    • Additional filters and sort options. (ex. Best reviews - most reviews, most popular (most ordered), a-z businesses, by distance, free delivery, min order, discounts, accepts credit card, paypal, etc, )
    • Additional results views, for example bussinesses showing in grid.